Lucy Fire

I'm not bad, I'm just painted that way...

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My Interests Include:

Art- paintings, mixed media, old architecture, sculptures etc.

Nature- hikes, bodies of water, botanical gardens, animals, zoos, indoor plants, marine life etc.

Young at Heart- Disney, bike rides, Nintendo etc.

Sports- surfing, gymnastics, pole dance, basketball (spectator)

Miscellaneous- mermaids, fairy gardens, potted indoor plants, succulent gardens, sea shells, aquariums, antiques, Tiffany lamps, old churches, Mary Jane, hippies, nail glitters and shimmers, vintage, pinup etc.

Jewelry- Opal, Sapphire, White Gold, Rolex etc.

Why I do what I do...

I truly like to make people happy. When I meet someone, I think to myself, what could I do for this person to make them feel good about them self? Have them leave after our encounter with a sense of self-confidence. I feel that just a smile could brighten someone's day. So why not REALLY make someone feel like a million bucks?! Whether you consider yourself "vanilla" or more on the kink/fetish side, I LOVE to hear about your secret fantasies. I can be sweet and innocent, a sexual vixen, your Goddess, owner, therapist or muse. Never do I play submissive roles. I am a fiery redhead and compromise for no one.